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December 9th, 2013 – Synergy Farm’s Newsletter Time!

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November was a very busy month for students at Synergy Farm so here is a brief run down of the goings on with the Synergy Farm!

Lauren Ferguson, Abby McCorriston, and my Lauren all "Participated" at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Nov 1st ~ 10th with their respective horses. From a coaches perspective we would call the experience "Character Building" which is short form for "Everyone tried really hard and kept very positive attitudes but nothing good happened". Good news is by the time the Royal comes around next we will all have 12 months more practice! Lol

On the other hand, the Marni Von Schalburg clinic Nov 22nd ~ 24th was a huge success! The 3 day format was new for us at the farm and I think we all benefited from private flat lessons on the first day. When I spoke to Marni prior to the clinic I suggested a 1/2 day on Friday….we may have started at noon but Marni put a solid 9 hours of straight teaching in finishing late at night! Sorry Marni!
Saturday and Sunday were spent jumping challenging gymnastics and patterns with a emphasis on equitation.
I hope that everyone is focusing on the skills we developed over the weekend and practicing them daily.


Florida planning is in full swing. If we have not discussed winter plans yet, let’s make a point to do that this week. We have several very flexible and cost effective ideas for this years winter circuit.

Now on to December:

It is with much (much) excitement (insert a Lauren Hunkin eye roll here) I am pleased to announce that the new, new arena lighting will be completed this week. The old yellow high pressure sodium lights have been replaced with T5 high output fluorescent lights. They are much brighter, whiter and there is no "restrike" period (the 5 minute period the lights had to be off before you could turn them back on).
We expect the new, new lighting to be completely installed by Dec 17.
I used the word "new" twice because our first attempt with 4 bulb lamps did not provide the results we were hoping for. Round 2 much better!

Christmas break:

There will be no lessons Dec 23rd, 2013 to Jan 1st, 2014. Lessons will resume Jan 2nd, 2014. Please see lesson board for more details.

CHRISTMAS PARTY and Nations Cup (IE the important stuff)

Christmas Party:

When: 5pm Sunday Dec 15 2013
What to bring: Pot Luck style. Sign up on white board in the barn.
Where: Mark & Lauren’s House
Address: 863 Corkery Rd, Carp On, K0A 1L0
Directions from Synergy:
-North (left) on Dwyer Hill Rd
-Right @ Old Almonte Rd (1st right after HWY 7)
-Right @ Corkery Rd
-3rd driveway on right.

+++ Katie and Matt these directions are for you, wouldn’t want you getting lost! +++

Our driveway is small and has a circular aspect to it, not sure how to advise you to park…..so…..good luck?! Lol
Car pooling might be the solution, not just to parking congestion at the party but also to global warming!

Synergy Nations Cup:

When: 11am Sunday Dec 15 2013

Format: Teams of two will compete over a 6-8 jump course over two rounds for the lowest score.
Each rider rides the same course twice.
The highest of the team’s 4 scores will be dropped.
The team with the lowest combined score will be declared the winner.

Tie: In the event of a tie both riders on the team will compete in a timed jump off. The team with the fewest faults and the lowest combined time after will be declared the winner. Hand held timers will be used.

Height (Some handicapping by jump height (see below) may be applied at the discretion of show management….ME!)
2’9" (example Prince)
3′ (example Eyke, Fred, Val,)
3’3" (example Pete, Blaine, James, Floyd, Harry, Uno)
3’6" – 3’9" (example Pete (again) Rose, Sox, Classy, Q)

Teams: Teams will be selected by random draw at 11am. Coloured arm bands will be assigned to identify teams. Special prize for the most original team name (must involve your team colour).

Horses: riders who own or lease horses at Synergy have the option of riding their own horse.
All other riders will draw numbers from a hat. The rider with the lowest number will have first choice of horse. The 2nd lowest gets 2nd pick and so on and so forth.

Alcohol: Spectators caught consuming alcohol on premises during the Nation’s Cup will be congratulated and asked to share!

Conflict resolution: my game, my rules!! Lol


That’s it for now. Sign up for the Christmas party AND the Nation’s Cup will be on the white board at Synergy. If you are not at the farm this week please RSVP (and/or send your 100 questions about the Nation’s Cup) to mark@synergyfarm.ca
Thank you! I cannot wait to see you all this week and Sunday Dec 15!

Mark Struthers

Synergy Farm