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he Synergy Farm Lesson Program focuses on Hunt Seat Equitation and Show Jumping training, with an emphasis on developing skills and confidence.  Students are taught the fundamentals of riding and jumping that will serve them well from their first schooling class to the Grand Prix ring. Lessons are taught on a variety of well trained school horses, many of which have experience showing at the National Gold (“A”) Level.

All Synergy Farm activities and events are open to Lesson Program students including clinics and training sessions (both on and off the property), National Gold (“A”) and Provincial Silver (“B”) level shows, local schooling shows and in-house seminars  on a variety of topics such as horsemanship, sports psychology and horse show preparation.

  • Lessons can be scheduled
  • Tuesday – Sunday
  • Between the hours of 8 am – 7 pm

First Time/Beginner Students:

First time students are welcomed to the barn with a series of 4 private lessons with a focus on horsemanship both while mounted, and on the ground.  Areas of instruction will include:

Handling and grooming of a horse, before and after riding

                • The proper care and application of riding tack (equipment)
                • Safe mounting and dismounting procedures
                • Basic position and aids for the control of the horse

Following the riding lesson, training continues on general horsemanship, horse care and stable etiquette.

Typically, by the end of the 4th lesson, students are riding confidently at the walk and trot, both sitting and posting.

Experienced Students:

The Synergy Farm Lesson Program is designed to accommodate riders up to the 1.15/1.20m jumper level.  Lessons alternate between jumping and training on the flat, with a strong emphasis on equitation and horsemanship, to ensure strong fundamentals.

Students in the Lesson Program receive the same instruction and training that has made our show program successful.  We limit our group lessons to a maximum of 4 students to ensure we can deliver the required level of attention.

We offer semi-private and private lessons on request, or if we feel you need more attention or time to work through a specific issue.

Wine & Equine Program:

Are you an adult beginner?  Did you ride in  your youth and would like to get back in the saddle?  The Synergy Farm Wine & Equine Program is for you. All levels of riding are welcome.

Designed for men and women over the age of 24, the Wine & Equine Program is a relaxed lesson program that lets you work at your own pace and around your busy schedule.  The emphasis is on horsemanship and riding is the same as our Lesson Program but with no kids!

After your lesson enjoy a glass of red or white wine and relax in the picturesque setting of the farm.

Pricing for the Wine & Equine Program varies depending on the level of service requested by each participant.  You may do as much or as little work as you like, the number one goal here is to enjoy yourself!

We highly recommend organizing a small group of your friends and making a weekly event of it.

General Lesson Requirements:

Students are asked to arrive at least 30 minutes before their lesson time and should be mounted on their horse 5-10 minutes before the lesson is scheduled to start.  Students should allow at least 30 minutes to care for their horse after the lesson.

Students are responsible to bring their horse in from the paddock, groom and tack up their horse for their lesson.  Synergy Farm staff will be available to answer any questions but the horse care is the responsibility of each student.

After the lessons students are required to cool out, brush, bath, and care for their horses until they are perfectly clean and dry before being returned to the field.  Tack and equipment must be cleaned and put away properly.

Lease Program

Our lease program is designed for students who would like to do more than just lesson once a week but don’t want the time commitment and financial burden of owning their own horse.  The lease program allows you to select a horse for your lessons and practice rides.  Plus you will use your leased horse in clinics and shows.  But the best part, no vet and no farrier costs!

Many options are available from one lesson and one practice ride per horse per week, to as many as 3 lessons and 3 practice rides per horse per week.

We will be happy to tailor a package to best suit your needs!

Lesson Program Pricing:

                • 30 min Private Lesson: $75
                • 45 min Semi-Private Lesson (per student): $65
                • 60 min Group Lesson, maximum of 4 students (per student):$60
                • Practice Ride: $25

Lessons and practice rides are pre-billed monthly and schedules are booked in monthly blocks.  We regret that we cannot re-schedule missed or cancelled lessons or practice rides.

Riding Equipment:

Students must bring a properly fitted ASTM/SEI approved riding helmet and approved riding footwear with a solid heel.  Please contact heather@performancehorseandrider.com if you need to purchase this equipment.